Turkey Bolognese: Homemade Aroma Turkey

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Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 15-20 min
Ready in: 25 min

Turkey Bolognese is the tastiest pasta you will ever taste. Not only the soft of the texture of the pasta, but the flavor will make you addicted to the food. Cook this type of pasta would not take a long time. You need prepare time less than 10 minutes, to get all of the parts of this food. When you cook this type of pasta, it will take 15 – 20 minutes entirely.  And the food will be ready in 5 minutes.  This pasta recipe is easy to cook. Must you be curious about the steps to make these ingredients right? Well, one step you take to cook this type of pasta will make your kitchen having Turkey nuances. What a pleasant pasta. Follow the directions that we will give to you and enjoy it.

How to make simple Turkey Bolognese

There are several ingredients and steps you should to cook delicious Bolognese. In case you have not one of the ingredients in your kitchen, you could take the other parts that available in your kitchen. It will help you and make your food still have the aroma of Turkey.

In this step, you have to prepare the ingredients. Check it out everyone guys.

  • One pack pasta
  • One tablespoon of virgin olive oil
  • One large onion and garlic (chopped it)
  • Four small minced celery.
  • One pound of beef
  • One carrot (chopped)
  • Three cups of sauce
  • Two teaspoons of salt and black pepper
  • One grated parmesan
  • ¼ parsley
  • One tomato

After you had finished prepare all the ingredients, you can go to the next step which cooked a tasty pasta, Bolognese.

1Put the pasta into boiling salted water. Cook the pasta until getting soft but still firm to bite. After that, take the pasta, drain it and bring it back to the pan. Meanwhile, the step to make Bolognese is boiled the oil in the pan on a large pan over low heat.

2Place onions, garlic, carrot, celery. Sauté all the ingredients until all the have a fragrant smell. Pour some sauce into the pan. Put one beef into the pan. Cook until no longer has origin color for five until seven minutes.

3Add two spoon of salt, black pepper, parsley and tomatoes. Let the pan cook for 5 minutes. Combine the pasta into the Bolognese.

4When you finish all of the steps before, it means you end cooked the turkey, Bolognese. Now, place the turkey Bolognese into the plate. Add more garnish and fresh parmesan.

See? It is not difficult to cook the Turkey Bolognese right. It is easy indeed. while putting the turkey Bolognese into a plate, choose a beautiful dish such as white peach or any color that is calm and soft.   And then after putting Turkey Bolognese into the plate, you can add some lime, mayonnaise, sauce beside the pasta. Well, Turkey Bolognese served in a beautiful place and ready to eat. Have e nice meal everyone.

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