Strawberry Mocktail for kids

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Strawberry Fields Kids Mocktail

Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 3 min
Ready in: 5 min

This Strawberry Fields Kids Mocktail makes a perfect addition in your summer afternoon. While the adults enjoy their cocktails, the kids can experience the same freshness and cool looking beverage with this. It tastes sweet, fresh, and energizing at the same time. Served with ice, it should be soothing during the hot days.

How to Make Strawberry Fields Kids Mocktail

This Strawberry Fields Kids Mocktail recipe tells you how to make your own syrups. It takes longer to make it yourself but it is totally worth the effort. However if you need it fast, you can buy the syrup at the store.  The key factor of making this mocktail is to shake it right and fast. So get ready to shake it in a proper way for several seconds.


  • Ice cubes
  • Soda water
  • 2 lb of fresh strawberry
  • 4oz of Hibiscus flowers
  • White sugar, superfine one
  • Water


1Let’s make the strawberry syrup first. Wash the strawberries and dry them using a towel. Then, remove the stems entirely. Transfer your strawberries into a food process and pulse. Stop when the strawberries are well broken up. Remove from the food processor and transfer to a container. Add 2 pounds of the white sugar and put them in the fridge for three days. When all the sugar is well dissolved, and the mixture forms syrup, it is ready to use.

2Now, let’s make the hibiscus syrup. Put the hibiscus flowers in a container for infusion, and add 25 oz of water in room temperature. Seal the container and infuse for six hours. Then, strain the mixture and give the hibiscus flower a compression using the chinois to get all the infusion. Weigh and add the same weigh of white sugar in it. Stir until the entire sugar is dissolved.

3Take 1oz of the strawberry syrup and 1.5 oz of the hibiscus syrup and transfer to a shaker. Add three ice cubes and shake entirely fast. Transfer the mixture into glass, top with soda water, and garnish with strawberry slices, mint leaves, and colorful straw.

The best thing of this mocktail is that it tastes simple but sweet. You get the freshness, you get the look, and your kids will totally love it they can’t get enough. Garnish with creativity to make them feel like an adult having drinks.

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