Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

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Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

Tasty Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather
Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 3 hours and 10 min
Ready in: 3 hours and 20 min

Almost all people love eating fruits. Some like strawberries because of its attractive color and sweet taste. Apple is also the same. I believe that almost in every house, there will be at least an apple in the refrigerator. These fruits are usually consumed instantly, or people will add some ice cubes and blend them which is know as fruit juice. For strawberries, it is often used as a garnish on the top of birthday cake or black forest.  Meanwhile, Apple is generally cooked into apple pie. Here, we will make another kind of fruit snacks(
Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather) that are as tasty as the original fruits taste.

How to make Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather is a kind of snack made from fruits, lemon juice, and honey. Since it is made from strawberry and apple, it will be a healthy snack for you. With the very easy and simple ingredients and steps, you can make your Fruit Leather and enjoy it in anytime you want.


  • 120 gram of strawberries
  • Two peeled apples, sliced
  • A half of lemon, juiced
  • 15 gr of honey, you can add more honey if you want


1Prepare the food processor or blender. Then, put all the fruits in it, the strawberries, the apples and lemon juice. Place the cover of the food processor or the blender and turn on the button and let it mixed for around 20 until 30 seconds or until the fruits turn into liquid.

2Open the lid and give some honey to taste. Activate the blender again for few seconds and stir it well. After that, prepare a paper parchment onto a rimmed baking sheet. Pour the fruit juice to the paper parchment and make sure that the mixture is evenly spread or in the same thickness.

3Heat the oven up to 170 celsius-degree and put the baking sheets with fruit juice in it. Let it dry until 3 to 6 hours, or you can take it out from the oven after the texture is soft and pretty dry. After it is done, rest it for a while until it is cool and then you can cut it into strips. Roll up the strips and enjoy it!

Have a nice fruit snack that you can make in your kitchen. If you have kids or little brother or sister, then they usually will be very pleased to eat this fruit leather.

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