Spicy Korean Chicken

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Spicy Korean Chicken

Prepare time: 40 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 60 min

Spicy Korean Chicken is perfect as a meal in the summer. This food has an easier adaptation of Chicken BBQ. Spicy Korean Chicken with a little ingredient in the marinade, but it feels no doubt, so delicious to eat as a side dish of your rice. Also, this cooking menu can bake outdoors, or oven and can also fried in a frying pan. It all depends on your appetite because it can eat throughout the year.

How to make Spicy Korean Chicken

Cooking Spicy Korean Chicken is also easy to do. Keep in mind this is almost similar to eating Japanese teriyaki chicken just different on the marinade. For Spicy Korean Chicken using Korean chili paste that makes the cuisine to be spicy and tasty. This food will be very delicious when combined with warm rice.


  • 500 g chicken thigh fillet (as you want to taste chicken breast or other parts)
  • ½ medium sweet potato
  • ½ small size carrots
  • ½ cabbage
  • 10 leaves of Korean perilla
  • 175 g or 6.1 ounces of fresh Korean rice cake (if using pre-packaged rice cake, then separate and soak in warm water for about 10 minutes).
  • Right amount of oil


1The first step you must cut the chicken first. Choose the chicken that you like. Can chest, thigh, or other up to you. Then season the chicken and soak for about 30 minutes. Warning, it is better to marinate is 4 hours. However, if you lack time to cook, 30 minutes is enough.

2The second step, while waiting for the chicken in the marinade, heat the pan over medium heat, make sure the pan is hot first. So when the pot is hot, when the oil has put into the pan, it does not take long to wait for the hot oil. After the heat, enter the oil wait for a while until hot.

3The third step, add all the vegetables, and rice cake according to the dosage on the recipe into the skillet, then add also pieces of meat on top. All the ingredients are the cook until the outer layer of the chicken looks cooked, then reduce the heating temperature to medium heat. While waiting for prepared cooking, stir until all the spices soak.

4The final step, after the aroma of delicious cuisine and from the texture of the meat already looks ripe and decent to eat, you can lift from the skillet, then serve it with the dish. Eat neatly to attract attention to eat. Everything is finished eating ready to eat as a complement of rice.

Okay, is it bright with Spicy Korean Chicken recipes? When you let’s practice in each kitchen your home. A straightforward way to make it. Follow all the above recipes, and do not forget to follow the order steps cooking. Happy trying to cook. Food Recipe Search