Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

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Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 20 min
Ready in: 30 min

A half hour is enough for you to make some of these beautiful and cute Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees. Once people see this Christmas treat, they will love it. Thus, this will be one of the best Christmas snack or dessert that you can make easily at home. Now, simply follow the recipe below from the beginning until the end.

How to make Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

There will be many candies, sprinkles and mainly peanut butter cups needed to make these Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees. Prepare all of the simple ingredients and follow the steps to make some at home.


  • A package of Reese peanut butter cup (Halloween sized)
  • Two packages of Mini peanut butter cups
  • A package of Hershey’s kiss
  • White decorating icing
  • Rainbow sprinkles (nonpareils)
  • Miniature star sprinkles
  • Wilton decorating tip number 3
  • Decorating coupler


1First, you can start by unwrapping the mini peanut butter cups. Then, you need to stand it upside down. Next, add the icing on top of the peanut butter cups and press with another Halloween Reese peanut butter cup. Also, you need to place the Reese butter cup upside down.

2Next, give the icing again on top of the Reece peanut cup to stick with another mini peanut butter cup. At the top of this, you need to stick one Hershey’s kiss with the icing as well. Thus, you will see the miniature of Christmas tree from these three peanut butter cups.

3Do the same steps until you can get several trees of the combination of the peanut butter cups. Then, continue to decorate the trees. Here, you need to give the icing around the peanut butter cups tree like you are decorating a Christmas tree.

4Then, add some sprinkles over the icing to represent the jingle bells. This would be a little bit difficult to do since you need to make sure that the sprinkles stick to the icing while the other sprinkles don’t stick well. So you need to remove the sprinkles from the icing carefully.

Do the same decorating steps until all peanut butter cups tree is completely decorated. You may need several minutes until the icing gets set and ready to enjoy. These Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees are very cute and adorable. You can serve this for your guests at Christmas party or simply wrap them in a nice plastic wrapped. Also, don’t forget to adorn with ties and you can use them as the Christmas gift to share with everyone.

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