Pea Puree

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Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 20 min
Learn How to make Pea Puree from the detailed recipe here.

How to Make Pea Puree


  • As much green peas as you like
  • Breast milk, formula milk, or water


1Let’s prepare the peas first. If you use frozen peas, you don’t need to wash it. Simply make sure it isn’t frozen anymore by soaking it in room temperature water for fast result. If you use fresh peas, clean the pods first and transfer the peas to a colander. Rinse under flowing cold water and scrub the peas using your fingers to make sure it is clean. Now, it is ready to be steamed.

2Transfer the green peas on a steamer basket and put it in the pan. Make sure to use enough water, with the surface is slightly showing on the basket. Cook over medium heat for around 3 or 5 minutes. Please check water level occasionally to make sure the steaming process will go well. When it is soft enough, remove from heat. Drain the peas and rinse using cold drinking water to stop the cooking process. Put the peas in a bowl.

3When it is cold enough, transfer the peas into a food processor. Process until it gets smooth. Gradually add the breast milk, formula milk, or water to reach the desired consistency. For younger baby, it is recommended to process a little longer as pea skin is often hard enough to smooth. When you are done, transfer the peas in a feeding bow. It is ready to serve.


  • Tips to choose the right peas.

When you look for fresh green peas, carefully check the pod. You want pods that have fresh appearance and bright green colors. It needs to be crisp and firm at the same time too. When you handle them, fresh peas will felt almost velvet like. Thick and tough skin pods are indications that the pods are already over matured. Don’t pick this. If the pods exhibit poor colors and any sign of wilting or decay, you definitely don’t want the peas.

It is also recommended to pick on medium pods rather than the large ones. Don’t buy pre shelled peas because it is hard to know when they are shelled. Canned peas contain too much sodium so don’t use it for you baby. Peas have short life, so se it right away after you buy fresh peas at the market. You can peel the pods and put the peas inside a zip lock bag and refrigerate it for a few days.

  • The best way to prepare the pea puree is by steaming or boiling it. When your baby is ready, you can also use homemade chicken, beef, or veggie stock in the puree.
  • If your baby is ready for combination, this puree is good with many other veggies and fruits. You can try to combine it with tofu, pork, beef, chicken, lentils brown rice, butternut squash, acorn, zucchini, sweet potato, white potato, dried beans, green beans, carrots, grapes, apples, cheese sauce, full fat Greek yoghurt, mint, and russet potatoes.

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