Honey Teriyaki Chicken

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Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 25 min

If you are going to make great food, you can start with cooking honey teriyaki chicken in your kitchen. The taste of this food is very delightful and excellent. The ingredients of this food are not complicated; it is easy, quick and straightforward indeed. You can find the ingredients easily in all store that near your home. If you want to read more all the details, let’s see the information below

How to cook honey teriyaki chicken in your home

These articles love to share the recipe of honey teriyaki chicken special for you. You can make it, cook it and serve it for four peoples at your home. Do not forget to add brown rice or red rice to complete the dish. You can combine this type of food with vegetables so that the food will be very excellent. You can add broccoli, soup, bean or the other vegetables that you love


  • 500 gram of boneless skinless of chicken breast tender
  • A cup of honey
  • A cup of teriyaki sauce
  • A tablespoon of soy sauce, pick that consist of small medium
  • A large of garlic
  • A tablespoon of black pepper
  • Two tablespoons of salt
  • Two tablespoons of sesame seeds


1Chop the chicken tenders into inch pieces. You can choose and pick different shape such as rectangular or the triangles chunks. The shapes will make the chicken looks more beautiful, and fantastic. And then, put the chicken in a large bowl. Add the teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, garlic, honey, salt and black pepper. Combine all of the ingredients.

2Take the chicken and place the chicken in a hot and large pan over the medium heat for 10 minutes. Mix the chicken and the spices occasionally. Higher the heat until the sauce reduced for another 10 minutes. When the sauce unites with the chicken and getting thicken, add the sesame seeds and stir again. Remove the chicken to cooked, to a large plate and served it.

How is it, everyone? Cook this type of food is fantastic and natural right. Now, reading this article, you can practice all the directions in your kitchen right. Do not forget to wear your beautiful apron every one. Honey teriyaki chicken is not only delicious but the very food health. Enjoy your food everyone.