Frozen Cherry Daiquiris

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Cherry Daiquiris

Prepare time: 3 min
Cook: 7 min
Ready in: 10 min

If you are a big fan of this cute little fruit, cherry, it is highly recommended for you to try the recipe of Frozen Cherry Daiquiris below. It is not only quick to make but also tastes amazingly delicious. Now, let’s take a look at the recipe below.

How to make Frozen Cherry Daiquiris

In only 10 minutes, you can make four glasses full of Frozen Cherry Daiquiris at home. Simply prepare the ingredients below and combine them in a blender. Then, pour into the glass and enjoy immediately. For the further instructions, read the recipe written below from the beginning until the end.


  • 300 ml of cherry juice
  • 50 ml of lime squeezed juice
  • 150 ml of white rum
  • 400 gr of sweet cherries (frozen)
  • Sugar
  • Ice cubes
  • Ice cream (vanilla flavored)


1Before you prepare for the drink, you need to make the cherry ice cubes first. It is pretty simple to make since you only need to prepare a tray of ice cubes and place the cherry juice in it. Store this in the freezer until it turns firm enough. You may do this step the night before.

2When the frozen cherry juice cubes have been done, you may continue to make the drink. Here, you will need a blender to mix all of the ingredients. Simply place a half cup of cherry juice, lime juice, white rum, sweet frozen cherries and the ice cubes of cherries in the blender.

3Next, blend the ingredients until they are completely combined, and the texture turns slushy. Also, if you like it to be sweet, you can add a bit of sugar to the mixture. Some plain ice cubes may be added if you want to thicken the mixture. Then, follow the next step below.

4Then, prepare your cocktail glass and pour the Frozen Cherry Daiquiris in it. To adorn this delicious drink, you can add some garnish to it. Also, if you want it to turn into a float, you may add the vanilla ice cream on top of the glass. Drink immediately and enjoy!

Now, you are ready to serve your homemade Frozen Cherry Daiquiris. Enjoy this anytime you want since it is very easy and simple to make. Also, the juicy flavor of the cherry combined with the vanilla ice cream on top can help you to boost your mood and cheer you up again. When your friends come to your home, and you don’t know what to serve, you can give them this drink to try, and they will love it the first time they swallow this amazing cocktail.

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