Easy Frozen Oreo Dessert

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Frozen Oreo Dessert

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: –3 hours min
Ready in: 3-4 hours

Oreo fans, what will you get for a dessert today? How about Frozen Oreo Dessert? Just don’t worry about the preparation, you can easily follow this recipe to get a sweet, perfect, and satisfying chocolate dessert to end your meal.

How to Make Easy Frozen Oreo Dessert

This Frozen Oreo Dessert recipe is a super easy, even for the newbie. No need to reheat the oven since you won’t need it. Just make sure that your freezer is working.


  • 14 oz or one can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 6 oz softened light cream cheese
  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup of melted unsalted butter
  • 1 pack of Oreos


1First thing first, you should crush half package of Oreo or about 10 biscuits and set them aside. To get the right texture, you can use the food processor. Then, mix the crumbs with melted butter until you can kind of shape the dough. Spread the half of it in 9 x 9 inch square baking pan, then press it evenly with spoon or your own fingers so you will have a nice firm layer.

2Using a large bowl, put the heavy whipping cream and beat it until you have stiff peaks. Turn the bowl over and if the whipping cream does not fall, then you are done. Set it aside.

3Take another large bowl to beat the sugar and the cream cheese until you get creamy texture. Don’t forget to add the vanilla extract then mix it will. Put the whipping cream to the cream cheese bowl, mix it well with spatula of large spoon. Ad the condensed milk a little by a little and mix it well until you get creamy and smooth texture. You can taste it first before adding more condensed milk so you won’t get an oversweet dessert.

4Using the spatula or big spoon, gently transfer the batter into the Oreo layer. Spread it evenly and make sure you flatten the top. Then, top with the rest of the Oreo crumbs, no need to press it, and you are done. Chill in the refrigerator for three to four hours before enjoying it.

It is so easy. Although it needs a long time to set once you taste the cake, the wait is worth it. This dessert is also nice for the party. Just double the ingredients and dish size, and you are ready to make party size Oreo dessert. You will definitely get praised for the delicious dessert and your guests don’t have to know how easy to make it.

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