Cucumber Honeydew Melon Baby Food

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Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 10 min
Ready in: 12 min

This food contains cucumber honeydew melon that involve many nutrients. The fisetin in cucumbers is important for the health of your baby’s brain. Besides, cucumber also consists of vitamin C and beta-carotene that are perfect antioxidants. Meanwhile, the honeydew melon can help to strengthen and maintain the health of bones and teeth. The vitamin C in honeydew is also important to boost the immune system and to improve the collagen production in the body. Check the recipe below for a great recipe of cucumber and honeydew melon.

How to make Cucumber Honeydew Melon Baby Food

To cook a cucumber honeydew melon, you only need cucumber and honeydew melon as the main and only ingredients. Moreover, in less than 15 minutes you can serve a healthy baby food that you can easily make at home. To get into a full recipe, just follow the instructions below until the end.



1To start this meal, you need to prepare a large pan filled with hot water. Then turn the heat over high heat and bring it to boil. While waiting for the water to get cooked, you can use the time to cut the cucumber into small chunks. Here, you don’t need to get the cucumber peeled or remove the seeds. You may include them all in the baby food.

2Prepare a metal colander then put the cucumber chunks in it and remove the colander into boiling water. Then, let it boiled for around a minute. After it is done, prepare a large bowl of ice and leave the cucumber in it to cool down. Next, drain the cucumber to get rid of the remaining water.

3Do the same steps to the honeydew melon. If you have a large colander, you may mix the melon along with the cucumber so that you do not have to do twice. However, if the fruits don’t fit the colander, then you need to separate the cucumber and melon.

4Finally, it is time to blend these ingredients. What you have to do is prepare a blender or a food processor, then put all of the ingredients in it. Continue to pulse until smooth. You may add water to reach the consistency that you want. After that, you can immediately serve this to your baby.

In serving this baby food, you can treat your baby by giving this in a half-frozen pouch to your baby. This fresh cucumber honeydew melon mix is highly recommended to be enjoyed on a summer day.

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