Creamsicle Margaritas

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Creamsicle Margaritas

Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 3 min
Ready in: 5 min

Creamsicle Margaritas is one of the best cocktails that you can make at home with simple ingredients. They taste as great as the one you buy at the café. If you are interested in making some at home, make sure you read the article below from the beginning until the end. Later, treat yourself to this super delicious cocktail.

How to make Creamsicle Margaritas

In only 5 minutes, you can make a flavorful Creamsicle Margaritas and drink it immediately. Not only delicious, but this cool cocktail is very easy and simple to make. The ingredients are easy to find, and the steps are pretty simple to follow. Check the recipe below for the complete instructions.


  • A part of tequila
  • A part of whipped vodka
  • A half part of triple sec
  • Five parts of fresh orange juice
  • A splash of lime juice
  • Salt (kosher salt)
  • Lime wedges and orange wedges to garnish


1First of all, you may prepare some cocktail glasses. When they are ready, pour the kosher salt into a large bowl. Here, you may need a little bit of syrup to place on the rim of your glass. Then, bring your glass upside down into a bowl of salt and let the salt stick on the rim of your glass. Do the same step to the remaining glasses.

2Next, you need to prepare a pitcher or you may also use a glass. Then, pour some ingredients in it, such as the tequila, the triple sec, vodka, lime juice as well as the orange juice. Combine these ingredients well until they are completely mixed. After that, continue to follow the next step below.

3When the liquors are completely combined, you can continue to prepare for the ice and garnish. Make sure you include enough ice cubes in your drink and place a slice of lime and a slice of orange on the rim of your glass as the garnish. Thus, your homemade cocktail will look much more refreshing and attractive.

After following all of the steps above, you are ready to enjoy your homemade Creamsicle Margaritas at home. Make sure you enjoy them immediately so that they still taste perfect and refreshing as well. Since it is very easy and quick to make, you can enjoy this drink anytime you want. Also, you can make it for some glasses to serve your guests with this amazing and cool drink. With its great taste, your guests won’t regret coming to your house, and they probably would ask for more.

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