Christmas Crack Chex Mix

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Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 25 min
Ready in: 30 min

Learn How to make Christmas Crack Chex Mix from the detailed recipe here. Merry Christmas, everyone! Wish you all surrounded by joy and happiness. Anyway, Christmas Eve is the perfect time to enjoy the cold weather with a good treat, and it is also nice to share with friends or family. But, Do you have any idea what kind of good treats which will be the best to share with people around or to enjoy your chill time? Maybe this treat will be the right answer. Christmas Crack Chex Mix is the easiest, yummy, and perfect Christmas treat for your friends, family, or you. The sweet and the salty taste combined well, and they are going to make your tongue scream. Curious about it? Check the recipe below.

How To Make Christmas Crack Chex Mix

If you are looking for the simple yet delicious treat for your Christmas Eve, then you choose the best option here. Christmas Crack Chex Mix only takes a half hour. And don’t worry, because you can find the ingredients easily in your kitchen. Now, let’s get started!


  • Four cups of Chex cereal (mix two different flavors)
  • Four cups of pretzel rods
  • Three cups of cheerios
  • Two packages of white chocolate chips or candy melts
  • 11 oz of Christmas mini M&M’s
  • 3 1/2 teaspoons of coconut oil
  • A package of Buggles
  • Three cups of salted cocktail peanuts


1The first step, you need to prepare a large mixing bowl and put four cups of Chex cereal with two different flavors into it. Add the pretzel rods, cheerios, Buggles and salted cocktail peanuts into it. Toss it all until they are well blended. Then, set it aside. Now, start to prepare the baking sheet and line it with parchment paper.

2Prepare the microwave bowl, then put the packages of white chocolate chips or candy melts and coconut oil into it. Microwave it all until the chocolate chips or the candy melted perfectly. Stir it and make sure the melted choco chips and the coconut oil mix well. Then remove from the microwave.

3Pour the melted choco chips over the dry mixture and stir to combine it all. Make sure that all of the dry ingredients coated with the melted choco chips. After that, put the mixture on the prepared baking sheet, and push it slowly. Then, put it in the refrigerator until the melted choc chips set for about 20 minutes. Remove from the refrigerator and break it.

Finally, you can share this amazing Christmas Crack Chex Mix treats with your friends, or your family. And don’t forget to leave a little part for yourself. And now, your Christmas Eve is full of joy.

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