Chinese Lemon Chicken

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Prepare time: 20 min
Cook: 30 min
Ready in: 55 min

Chinese Lemon chicken is a name for the dish of chicken that blends the crispy chicken with the sweet lemon sauce that can spoil your tongue. Seemingly, the chicken is found around the world, especially in China, Asia. You also can get this food in restaurants. But the good news is you can make this food in your house. Find the ingredient list and follow the steps below:


  • 500 grams of breast chicken fillet, cut
  • One garlic, crushed
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper powder
  • One spoon of fish sauce
  • One lemon, squeezed
  • Two eggs shook
  • Flour as much as 100 grams
  • 100 grams of tapioca
  • Fried oil, sufficiently
  • One spoon of sesame
  • Lemon sauce
  • 250 milliliter of water
  • Three spoons of lemon water
  • Ginger as long as 1 centimeter, grated it
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • One spoon of honey
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • One spoon of corn starch

Easy, simple steps to make Chinese lemon chicken

1The first step you should take is smeared the chicken fillet with lemon, salt, pepper, garlic, and fish sauce in a bowl. Then lift for 15 minutes until the flavor seeps. You can mix both of flour and tapioca later and stir well until you get the thick dough.

2Second, dip the chicken fillet in the egg that has been shaken. Then roll the chicken over the corn starch and tapioca. Repeat the action until the chicken is complete. Be sure that you have smear all fillet evenly with the flour before prepare the next step.

3Heat the oil and fry the chicken until you get the goldenrod color. Fry all the chicken with the same action continuously. After you fry all of the chicken, raise and set aside them in another place while you take another pan to make the sauce.

4Next, boil the water and put all of the grated ginger, squeeze lemon water, honey, sugar, and salt together for making a sauce. Stir for a few seconds and pour the tapioca that has been dissolved in sufficient water later. Stir the sauce until you get it smooth.

5Last, put the fried chicken into the sauce mixture and stir them until thick. Test the taste before you turn off the kitchen stove and raise the chicken. Further, put the lemon chicken on the plate and served with sesame sprinkle of sesame.

Now you already know the steps to make a Chinese lemon chicken. Try to apply the recipe in your home and make a special Chinese lemon chicken for your family.  You also can serve it with fresh beans and carrot or rice. Enjoy your food.

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