Chicken Taco Mexican Pinwheels

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Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 35 min

Chicken Taco Mexican Pinwheels is the best dish that you can serve for a special party, like a birthday party. It looks nice and tastes very yummy. Besides, it is also very simple to make even you can cook it at your home. Anytime you want to eat this; you just need a half hour to make and enjoy the cheesy and creamy flavor of the chicken taco Mexican pinwheels.

How to cook Chicken Taco Mexican Pinwheels

To cook this meal, you need shredded chicken as the main ingredients along with the softened cheese and Mexican cheese to enrich the cheese favor there. Simply read the instructions below until the end to get the complete recipe.


  • 350 gr of softened cream cheese,
  • 120 ml of sour cream
  • 250 gr of shredded chicken
  • 300 gr of shredded Mexican cheese
  • 250 gr of diced tomatoes and green chiles, then drained them
  • 30 gr of finely minced garlic
  • Five green onions sliced them thinly
  • 240 gr of chopped cilantro or you can cut it the way you want
  • Eight layers of flour tortillas in burrito size
  • Taco seasoning or salt and pepper
  • For the garnish, you can prepare a cup of fresh minced cilantro


1Prepare a large bowl and put the shredded chicken, cream cheese, Mexican cheese, sour cream, onions and minced garlic, drained tomatoes and green chiles, chopped cilantro. Mix them well and do not forget to add salt and pepper for the seasoning.

2Take a work surface and put the flour tortillas on it. Then, spread the tortilla with the chicken mixture for about ΒΌ cup for each tortilla or make sure that the tortilla will be in a half until an inch above after the chicken mixture is placed on top of the tortillas.

3Next, what you have to do is to roll all the tortillas. Begin it from the bottom of the tortilla towards the top or simply make it like a cigarette role. When you roll the tortillas, make sure that you roll them tightly so that the fillings can be wrapped properly.

4Do the same step to the remaining tortillas and when they are all done, place the rolled tortillas into the refrigerator for a half hour. Even you can put it in for several hours to make the texture of the tortillas chill and firm. Next, after a half hour or more, you can serve the chicken taco by cutting it for around one-inch pinwheels.

Complete your party with the simple recipe of chicken taco Mexican pinwheels and whoever tastes this will immediately want to eat more.

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