Avocado Puree

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Avocado Puree

Tasty Avocado Puree
Prepare time: 3 min
Cook: 7 min
Ready in: 10 min

Do you have a lovely baby who is growing up? Well, if you have, you should pick carefully the food that you can give to your children. Food will give big effect to the body of your baby. Good food will keep your child healthy, and not good food; you know the answer. Well, if you want to give a meal to your baby, you can give avocado puree. It is delicious, tasty and healthy food.

An avocado just perfect meal to eat for your precious baby. An avocado will give a positive impact for your baby. The advantages that you baby get are protected the baby because avocado consists of antioxidant that good to neutralize and eliminate the toxin, antimicrobial properties for and anti-inflammation for scratches or skin damage secure for some bacteria towards stuff they touch. It is perfect herbs for the babies right.

How to make avocado puree

Since avocado consists of high nutrients, the nutrients are the best for the development of the brain. The avocado also includes vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and the other type of vitamins that will give a good effect for the baby. A healthy baby is the essential elements to make happiness for parents right. But do not forget to keep your health with healthy food for you moms.

Healthy mother will maximize their attention for the health of the baby. So that, both of you could be healthy day by day because of health. Well, let’s see the details of ingredients and the steps that you need to take to give the baby avocado. It will be not possible for the pay to skin and pit the avocado right. So, check it out.



1Take an avocado or more. Wash the avocado, Pit from the avocado. Slice the avocado

2Puree the avocado use food processor or blender until the avocado getting smooth

3Add milk or formula instead use water. It will make the avocado texture not thick, so the baby could easily eat the meal and digest the meal

Well, how was that? Is it easy right? Also, you could add one tablespoon of honey, or you can combine the avocado with banana, apple, pumpkin or the other ingredients that still make the food tasty and delicious. Avocado pure will also give an advantage to you mom.

If there are still avocado puree, you can add the avocado with honey and make it puree. After that, you can use it as a mask for your face. Keep the cover for 30 minutes. And the combination of the avocado and the honey will make your face shiner and healthier the skin in your face. So, the avocado gives the advantage for you and the baby right. Have a beautiful day for dear mom and lovely and cute kids all over the world. Keep your health and keep healthy food.

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