Apple Puree

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Prepare time: 3 min
Cook: 7 min
Ready in: 10 min

Learn How to make Apple Puree from the detailed recipe here. Are you a mother? Or, are you a sister or brother that must keeping a baby? Well, if the answer is yes, you must be love the baby so much right. You must be confusing to give what kind of food that the baby can eat. Since, the baby body is fragile, you have to be careful with the food. Good food will make the child growing up well. Well, the best food for baby is apple puree. We will give you the best simple recipe to make apple pure if the child allowed to eat some food besides breast milk. But the most important thing is, you have to ask the doctor first because the doctor know the best food and the condition of the baby. And if the doctors allow the child to eat apple pure, what are you waiting for everyone? Let’s begin with the details that you need

How to make apple puree for baby

Apple is one of fruit that right for baby food to keep the immune of the baby. With the high nutrition inside the apple, the apple also good for the development of the child. The advantage of the apple is not only for the baby, in fact, all people also need to eat an apple because apple consists right and strong elements inside it. Apple puree also can eat by the adults. If you have cough, the best herbs fruit is apple puree. Well, let’s get start with all the ingredients that you need to make the apple puree


  • Three sweet apple
  • Five tablespoons of water or you could use pure apple juice


1Peel the apple skin with sharp knife. Cut the apple until becoming two parts. Put the apple into a medium pan.

2Crush or chop the apple with water or apple juice. Cover the cooked apple with low heat until the apple getting tender. Place it into a small bowl

3For the alternative way, you can steam the apples for eight minutes until the apple going raw. If you you the steam tools, you can add some boiled water from the bottom of the steamer. The boiled water will make thin the puree

Apple puree is easy to cook right. Add some honey in the apple so that the apple will keep health of your baby. There are several advantage if you cook the apple puree for the babies. The benefits of apple puree can cure the stomach disorder, constipation or diarrhea, dysentery. Dysentery if disease that often infants babies or children. In case the baby has a disease, eat this apple pure than you take chemical medicine, better you give the apple pure for your babies. The other advantage also include in the apple. So, it is a good meal for your kids right. If you give the baby apple puree, the apple puree will make the baby kind impact such as growing healthier. You want to have healthy baby and always want to keep their health right. Have a sweet apple puree for all great mother whole the world!

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