5 Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Puree

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Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 3 min
Ready in: 5 min

5-minute banana, blueberry + avocado baby puree has triple advantages that you can have at once. First, it is very easy and simple to make which only needs 5 minutes. Second, it tastes so delicious so that your kids will ask you for more puree and the last, but not least is that this food contains so many nutrients which are important for your baby’s health. Started from the banana, it is high in vitamin B6, manganese, potassium and also fiber. These can help to develop the cardiovascular health, to improve digestion and also to support the health of your baby’s heart.

Meanwhile, blueberries can help to protect from illness, to develop the health of the bones along with the cognitive function and to prevent your baby from cancer. Moreover, with the nutrients included in avocado, you can help your baby to improve the development of the central nervous system and brain system.

How to cook 5 Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Puree

The kitchen tool that you need to make this food is only a blender. Moreover, in 5 minutes or less you can feed your baby with a simple and healthy puree. For any mom out there who have a busy and tight schedule or have only limited time to take care of house chores, then this food will be the best option that they can pick and cook at home. By reading and following the instructions below, you can have one and a half cup of banana, blueberry + avocado baby puree.


  • 200 gr of blueberries
  • A banana
  • A half of avocado
  • A tablespoon of fresh lime juice


1Prepare a blender and place all of the ingredients above. Then pulse the blender on high speed for one until 2 minutes. Don’t forget to scrape down the sides every 30 seconds so that the peels of the blueberry can be smoothed easily. You may add a bit of water to reach the consistency that you want.

2After the mixture is well blended, then you can immediately spoon or serve this food to your baby. Fortunately, if you’re going to save this food a long time, you just need to keep it in an air-tight container for three days or even three months if you put this in the freezer.

How simple to make this healthy Avocado Baby Puree! You can have your children playing in the playground while enjoying this snack. With this recipe, you don’t need to cook, steam, roast or bake the ingredients, simply put them on the blend and serve it immediately or keep it for another day.

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