Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 3 min
Ready in: 5 min

Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie is the combination of peach mixture layer with strawberry mixture layer on top of it. These two layers will create a great taste that is perfect to enjoy during summertime. If you are looking for its complete recipe, make sure you read the article below from the beginning until the end.

How to make Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie

To make around four glasses full of this amazing Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie, you just need to spend around 5 minutes at your kitchen and don’t forget to prepare a blender to pulse the ingredients. If you are interested in making some at home, simply prepare the easy-to-find ingredients below and follow the complete instructions until they are ready to enjoy.


  • A bottle of white wine
  • 400 gr of frozen peach or you may use mango slices
  • 200 gr of frozen strawberries
  • 600 gr of ice cubes


1First of all, to start making this recipe of Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie, you need to prepare a blender and combine some ingredients in it. They consist of the white wine, the frozen peaches (you may include additional mangoes if you like) and the ice cubes.

2Blend those ingredients for several minutes until they are completely combined, and the texture turns smooth. After that, prepare the cocktail glass and pour this mixture carefully into each glass. Make sure you left half of the glass space to be filled with the next mixture.

3Now, it is time to make for the second layer. Use the previous blender but make sure that it is already washed clean. Then, fill with some ingredients like white wine, strawberries, and ice cubes. Pulse these ingredients until they are well combined.

4Next, pour this mixture into the glass that has been filled with the peaches mixture. Here, you will see a different color of the mixture. The first one is yellow and the second one is reddish pink. Before serving, don’t forget to add a stripped straw to it and drink immediately.

After following the steps above, you can serve your homemade Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie immediately. As you can see, it is very easy and quick to make. Also, the drink will look so beautiful with its gradation color and taste great as well. The combination is perfect to help you refreshing your mind and boosting your mood. Share this with friends so that they will be happy too after drinking this relaxing cool drink.