Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 4 hours
Ready in: 4 hours and 10 min

The combination of avocado, chocolate, mint will never be wrong, especially when you mix these ingredients into your ice cream. Fresh, cool, sweet, and soft sensation will melt in your mouth. No need to go to an ice cream shop since you can make it by yourself.

How to Make Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Ice Cream

This recipe is so easy to follow. You don’t need any ice cream maker or any expensive tool. Just prepare your blender and of course turn on the freezer. Not only that, you only need six ingredients for this recipe. Let’s make some ice cream right away.


  • Half cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or any milk
  • Two ripe avocados
  • A quarter cup of liquid sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup.
  • ¼ teaspoon peppermint extract
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil
  • ¼ cup of chocolate chips


1Get the blender ready and put all ingredients in, except the chocolate chip. Just turn it on and blend it until you get a smoothie-like texture. You will definitely want it to be creamy and smooth.

2Transfer it into a bowl, container, or anything that freezer-safe. If you have a loaf pan, you can use it, but you need to line it with parchment. Put the chocolate chips and stir it well, so you get the chocolate chips spread.

3Put the container in the freezer and let it set. To get it frozen, you should let it untouchable for four up to five hours. Then, you can take it out. Wait! Before enjoying your ice cream, you should wait for five more minutes so the ice cream will be soft. You can serve it using the ice cream scoop.

4You can play around with the ingredients. Just use the one that you like such the kind of milk, the sweetener, or any toppings you like. The amount of the ingredients also can be adjusted to your taste.

Six ingredients, three steps. There is no other easy way to make a delicious mint chocolate avocado ice cream. You can get the creamy taste from the avocado and also the milk. The mint will give you a fresh taste. The chocolate chip will be sweet but not overwhelming. It’s a perfect dessert on a hot summer day. Enjoy!