Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 40 min
Ready in: 45 min

The healthy and nutritious food is the best kind of food that you need to feed your baby with. One of the examples is sweet potatoes which consist of many kinds of nutrients and vitamins. They are high in vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin E along with the calcium and folate are also included in these yummy and tasty vegetable.  Besides, it also includes enough fiber to help your baby’s digestive tract. By following the recipe explained below, you can have an easy and simple homemade sweet potato for your baby food.

How to make Homemade Sweet Potato Baby Food

The ingredients needed to cook this baby food are only the best sweet potatoes and water. Here, we will make sweet potatoes puree, so you don’t need to add any other additional seasonings or ingredients which means that you serve this meal with the natural sweetness and flavor of sweet potatoes.  Simply read this until the end for the complete recipe.


  • Two sweet potatoes
  • Water


1First, you need to choose the sweet potatoes with the best quality. Pick the ones that are unbruised and with no brown or soft spots. After that, you may peel the sweet potatoes and then cut them into halves or chunks. Next, prepare a small saucepan filled with water. Put the sweet potatoes into the pan and make sure that the potatoes are all covered in the water.

2The next step, you have to turn on the heat to boil the water. After it is boiled, you can continue to cook the sweet potatoes around 35 minutes or until the texture becomes softer. It gets tender when you can tear it apart with a fork.

3After the potatoes are cooked, then you may place them into a food processor or a blender cup. Here you don’t need to rinse the water, simply put the potatoes along with the remaining water. Then, turn on the food processor or the blender and blend the potatoes until smooth.

In blending the potatoes, you can add about 100 until 150 ml of cooking water into the blender if you want a thinner texture. However, this is optional, if you have reached the consistency level that you want, then you don’t need to add more water. After that, leave it a rest for a while and feed your baby with this sweet potatoes puree little by little. Besides, you can save this cooked puree in your refrigerator for three days or even three months if it is in the freezer.