Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 25 min
Ready in: 40 min

Hello, chocolate lovers. Here we would love to share your chocolate caramel pretzel that you could cook at home. Well, you will be amazed by this meal. With few and simple ingredients, this meal has much worth to cook. Not only has a sweet taste, but the taste will combine with sweet and salty. The texture is soft and crispy. You could enjoy your meal for yourself, or you could share it with the people you love. They will immediately compliment you like a chocolate lover and great chef. Well, take your beautiful apron, turn on some romantic music and start to cook your favorite food.

How to cook delicious chocolate caramel pretzel bars

Chocolate caramel pretzel is one of the tastiest desserts you will ever make. You must be in love with this meal because not only has the simple ingredients but the small material will produce a lot of bars. So, why don’t we begin with the details start with the how long the duration you need to take, the ingredients and the last but not the least is the directions. Have a great cook everyone!


  • Four packages of graham crackers (consist of 28 pieces of graham crackers)
  • ½ cup of melting butter
  • Five tablespoons of sugar
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • 2 ½ cups of condensed milk
  • Two bags of bittersweet of chocolate chips
  • Two cups of mini pretzels
  • ½ cups of caramels


1First, you need preheat the oven to 350 degrees, Take a large pan. Fill the pan with graham crackers and crush the graham crackers until formed crumb

2Take a medium bowl. Fill the medium bowl with the crumb graham crackers, melted butter, sugar and also the salt. After that, combine all of the ingredients. Take the materials into a flat pan and spray it with baking spray.

3Cover the ingredients with the whole pan. Bake the mixing graham crackers for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, wait for the bake of graham cracker, take a pan. Fill the pan with condensed milk and combine it with the chocolate chips. Mix the both materials until getting melted and smooth.

4Take the combination of the chocolate and condensed milk, and then pour it into baked graham crust. And for the top, place the pretzel and caramels and pressed a little bit into the chocolate. After that, continue the bake for 15 minutes.

5After cooking the whole ingredients, place the dessert outside the oven and wait until getting fresh. Cut the chocolate graham cracker into a small square. After that, take the bars into the refrigerator.

Well, easy, quick and straightforward right? You could eat this meal for anytime. Also, you could dip the chocolate caramel pretzel into melting chocolate if you love to. In the other hands, you could add some cheese to make the taste more delicious. So, enjoy your delightful meal everyone!