Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 1 hour and 45 min
Ready in: 1 hour and 50 min

These Brownie Christmas Trees are very cute and sweet as well. Make your Christmas much more special by serving these special desserts for everybody.

How to make Brownie Christmas Trees

Twelve triangles of these Brownie Christmas Trees can be ready in less than 2 hours. Now, prepare the ingredients and copy the whole steps below.


  • A box of brownie mix
  • White vanilla icing in a tube
  • Food coloring (green)
  • Sprinkles (small round and small stars)
  • Candy canes
  • Cooking spray


1First of all, prepare a baking pan with the size of 8×8 inches. Then, cover the baking pan with an aluminum foil. Also, don’t forget to spray with the cooking spray. After you have prepared the baking pan, you may set this aside for a while and continue to the next step below.

2Next, you may go to the brownie mix. Here, you need to follow the directions written in the brownie mix package to combine the ingredient. Also, bake the brownie mix according to the instructions written in the package. Thus, you can get the brownies perfectly cooked.

3After that, you need to allow the brownies to cool for around one and a half hours. When it is done, you may take the brownies out of the pan onto the cutting board. Take a knife that is large and sharp enough to cut the brownies into several triangle shapes.

4To continue, you need to arrange the triangle brownies to give some decorations. For the first decoration, you may use the candy canes by unwrapping the foil and cut it into several small pieces with one and a half inches.

5Then, get the sharper end and press the candy cane into the bottom part of each triangle brownie. Do the same steps to the remaining brownie and candy canes. After it is done, you may continue to prepare for the other decoration, which is the icing. Take a look at the step below.

6Here, you need to prepare a bowl and fill with a half tub of the icing. Then, combine and stir it with the green food coloring until you reach the desired color. Next, simply transfer the green icing into a zip-locked bag and seal to close. Also, don’t forget to cut the corner of the plastic bag to make a small hole.

To decorate, simply squeeze the green icing into the top of each triangle brownie in a zigzag direction so that the triangle will look like a tree. Then, don’t forget to add some sprinkles on top of the green icing and complete with the star sprinkle at the top. Now, it is time to serve and enjoy!