Prepare time: 3 min
Cook: 7 min
Ready in: 10 min

Are your children growing up? And your baby could eat the first meal besides the breast milk? Well, the best choice for you is brown rice cereal! This meal is the best meal for your babies because brown rice cereal consists of allergen free. It just perfects food for the baby if it is the first time they allowed to eat. Not only delicious, but this food has a high natural nutrition and fiber that’s good for the baby body. This healthy food not only good to secure the child from sick but this food also good to prevent the baby from every indication. You do not have any doubt about the food. If you ask the doctor about the brown rice cereal, the doctor will also recommend this food for the baby

How to make healthy and tasty brown rice cereal for your babies

Cook brown rice cereal is easy and straightforward. All the ingredients are available in all store. When your child hungry, cook this food as soon as possible. The advantage cook this food is easy and quick to prepare. So that, your babies do not have to wait for a long time. We love to share the recipe to make the brown rice cereal. We share because we love kids and we want all children in this world healthy. Well, here we go with all the ingredients and steps that you need to cook the brown rice cereal. Let’s check it out


  • Five cups of short or long grain brown rice
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt
  • Two tablespoons of water


1Place the rice in a pan that filled with boiling salted water.


2Toast the rice on lower heat. Toast the rice for 7 minutes. Cover the grains.


3Sometimes, whisk the grains softly not to make the seeds getting burn and stir whole grains


Well, it is easy and quick, right? You can cook the brown rice cereal in another way such as bake the brown rice. Well, if you want to make the food more healthy, combine with some fruits that allowed for the babies such as banana, apple, avocado or the others fruits that suitable for the brown rice cereal. But, before you add the additional ingredients, do not forget to ask the doctor first because the doctors know better regarding the food for babies include the nutrition, advantage or some forbidden food for the children. When, the doctors said to allow to add some fruits, do it, mom. Your babies will in love with the food. Have a nice brown rice cereal for all beautiful and handsome kids around the world.

For you, all mother, do not for getting to keep your health. We know you love, care and want the best for your children, but you must remember to love and care yourself too. Have a great day for all beautiful and gorgeous mother!