Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 120 min
Ready in: 135 min

Today, Blanquette de Veau is one of the best seller dishes in Paris, and Blanquette de Veau itself means Veal in white sauce. The meat used here can also be various, like chicken, lamb, and pork. This menu is usually served with rice or, salad or another alternative option like potato or pasta.

How to make Blanquette de Veau

To practice making this meal, you need to prepare the veal meat as the main ingredients. Then, add it with many kinds of vegetables and cook it until it turns juices. To make it clearer, read this whole recipe of Blanquette de Veau.


  • ¾ kg veal shoulder with bones, cut into dices
  • 450 gr of fat-skimmed chicken broth
  • Two peeled carrots, diced
  • Three whole cloves
  • Two bay leaves, dried
  • 2 pounds of mushrooms, sliced with the caps
  • 40 gr of butter
  • A cup of frozen onion, sliced
  • 15 gr grated lemon peel and lemon juice
  • Six tablespoons of whipping cream
  • Six tablespoons of chopped parsley
  • 50 gr of cornstarch
  • Salt and peppercorn


1Clean the meat with water and rinse it up. After that, put it on the 6-quart pan. Mix well with the chicken broth, bay leaves, carrots, and peppercorns. Boil this mixture over a high heat and simmer until the meat is softened or until about one hour to one quarter hour.

2While waiting for the boil, clean the mushrooms with water too. Then, rise it up? Trim the remaining stem. Next, heat the pan to fry all of the ingredients and stir well. Keep on stirring the mixture until the mushroom turns brown.

3When the veal is cooked, place the mixture of chicken in the mushroom pan and add some more parsley and bay leaves. Also, combine with lemon grated and if you have a few crème, give it some is also better. Cook this mixture again over high heat until 30 minutes.

4Add the combination of cornstarch and water to the pan. Stir gently with the lemon juice, salt, and pepper in the seasoning. Keep on boiling over low heat until the soup is well cooked. Put the soup into some bowls and serve this with rice or parsley as the topping.

As we know, soup is good for health and also is tasty. This classic Greek cuisine is worth to try since it is very simple to do and very good for humans’ body. Enjoying this meal in the raining clouds would be a perfect match.