Prepare time: 3 min
Cook: 7 min
Ready in: 10 min

Do you have a baby and the baby is growing up? Well, the baby must need healthy food right. You can ask your doctor if the child allows eating some meal beside the pure milk. Because, your growing baby needs much nutrition, protein, and another element to make the child growing up healthy and well. You cannot give random food to you baby. A child is fragile. If the immune is weak, your child will get sick. You do not want your child getting sick right. Banana can be a herbal to prevent and heal a fever. So, the best meal for your growing child is banana right. Banana consists of high nutrition for your baby and it will good for the cultivation of the tooth. Well, you can see what we can do with the banana for the baby meal.

How to make banana pure

Banana is one of useful fruit. Banana suitable for anyone such as the teenager, adults especially a child. Give a lot of high nutrition especially for baby, will use for the baby body. Banana available anywhere, whether in the traditional market, in the modern market or mini market. Banana available for the small until high cost depends on the type of banana. Well, you can pick cooked banana for your health of for the baby. In fact, if you want to have a lot of banana, you can plant banana in your backyard or garden. Plant banana is natural. Moreover, you located in the tropic season, the plant will grow faster. So, it will easier for you when you need a banana to eat. Well, let’s begin with the whole banana for your baby.


  • Three fresh bananas
  • Two tablespoons of water or you can change the water with breast milk(to make the bananas not too thick and easier to eat for the baby)


1Peel the skin of banana


2Slice the banana into pieces. Cut the banana into quarters


3Pure the banana in the food processor or you could blender the banana until the banana getting smooth


Well. Is it easy right? You can add some ingredients for example honey, milk, biscuit or any food that can be consumed by the baby. But, do not forget to ask the doctor first if you want to give some meal to the child. The doctors know better about the nutrition of baby food than us. Making the banana puree is easy. Also, you could add the other fruit, except bitter fruit such as lemon, star fruit, or any sour fruit. Your baby stomach is not ready for the bitter fruits. Well, we wish this recommendation is helpful for you. Just remember, the baby body is fragile. So, you must give high nutrition, protein or other meal with all those component. Enjoy the cook for your precious baby for all beautiful and cool mama in the worlds.